Holistic Integrative Therapy


WHAT IS Holistic Integrative Therapy?

Holistic Integrative Therapy can be described as the integration of the psychological and the spiritual and is a supplementation of the two fields.  Holistic Therapy is a range of therapeutic systems which embrace the spiritual dimension of the human being as fundamental to psychological health and human development. A holistic approach refers to the mind, the psyche and the spirit, so it includes both the personal and the metaphysical.

Different than traditional psychotherapy, the holistic approach does not have an emphasis on treating diagnoses. There is a recognition that symptoms of depression, anxiety and other diagnoses include chemical imbalances and psychological elements. However, holistic healing and counseling also factors in the spiritual experiences of the person experiencing the symptoms.

Holistic healing looks at difficulties, symptoms, or negative life events as a journey and opportunity for growth, healing, and transformation, rather than treating them as things to be eliminated, suppressed, or moved past as quickly as possible.

The holistic approach includes uniting the mind and heart; discovering one’s spiritual calling; searching for meaning; and getting in touch with one’s true nature. Holistic therapy utilizes both psychological and spiritual methods (such as meditation, yoga, dream-work, breathwork, shadow work, guided imagery etc.) in a holistic, integrated approach to healing. 

Join Charonda as she utilizes her spiritual gifts to facilitate sessions that are intuitively led, non-prescriptive, and take into account that we are not human beings having a spiritual experience…but instead…spiritual beings having a human experience.






Holistic Integrative Therapy Rates

$147 per session (up to 60 minutes)


Three specially designed packages have been curated for Integrative Sessions

Root Package

6 sessions for $777

Heart Package

8 sessions for $999

Crown Package

10 sessions for $1,111

Packages include the following extras:

Guaranteed Weekly or Biweekly Timeslot

Chakra Assessment

Therapist Check-Ins

15-Minute Emergency Session


NOTE: Holistic Integrative Sessions are not covered by insurance. Integrative sessions are self-pay only.


What is the cost?
Please refer to pricing and packing information.

Is this offering covered by my insurance?
This offering is not covered by insurance.

Why is this not covered by insurance?
Holistic Integrative Therapy is not covered by insurance as it does not follow the traditional medical model for treatment. The medical model takes a biological approach and believes that mental dis-ease has a physical cause. The medical model requires that clients meet criteria for a qualifying diagnosis (per The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders “DSM”) and also meet criteria for what is considered “medical necessity” in order for care to be covered. 

Integrative Therapy does not have an emphasis on treating diagnoses, but instead looks at the difficulties, symptoms, and various life events as a journey and sees them as opportunity for growth, healing, and transformation vs something that needs to be eliminated or moved past as quickly as possible. Thus, client’s receiving Integrative Therapy are not given DSM diagnoses and do not have to meet medical necessity for care.