Sometimes we fear not change itself, but fear not knowing what’s on the other side


Phase 1 – Awareness

During the first few sessions, our time will be spent completing the intake assessment, building rapport, and bringing awareness to your primary concerns.  This time is also spent ensuring that we are a good fit for one another and implementing the first steps of self-care.

Phase 2 – Understanding

We will work on identifying negative thoughts to reframe and work towards healing in the next phase. You will also be taught how to use various skills to support with emotional regulation when faced with triggers. In addition, we will work to identify unhealthy core beliefs and how they may be a hindrance to your growth and identify changes that align you with becoming the person that you desire to be.

Phase 3 – Healing

We will support you in accessing the inner healer within you and work to reprogram the beliefs and narratives that no longer serve you.

Phase 4 – Being

We will integrate all that you have learned about yourself through your healing and apply it to your life. We will continue to develop tools to help you maintain as you progress.