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Ever found yourself feeling lost, confused, or maybe a bit out of sorts?

Have you found yourself reflecting on your current life experience, feeling “lost in the sauce” and wondering “How did I get here?”

Perhaps you’ve found yourself wondering “How did I lose myself?” or maybe even come to the realization that you’ve never really known who you are to begin with?

If you answered “yes” or even, “kind of”, to either of these questions, then this group is for you.

Journey to Self is a 6-week self-exploration experience curated to give women who identify as BIPOC the opportunity to expand, release, find joy and healing while forging a deeper connection with themselves.

During this experience, we will delve into topics such as Self-Abandonment, Energetic Imbalances, Releasing, Honoring the Self, and more.

Allow your experience to be seen, heard, and validated as we foster connection, introspection and a safe space for women to soak in the healing powers of community. JOIN US!


What is the cost?
The investment is $45 per group meeting (meetings are 1x each week)

How long will it last?
This experience will last for 6 consecutive weeks.

When will it start?
The start date will be announced once we have obtained the minimum number of participants. Ideally by the end of October 2022.

What will the size of the group be?
The group will not exceed 8 women so as to keep the experience small and intimate.

Where will the meetings take place?
This experience will be virtual therefore it can take place wherever you are comfortable logging in from your cell phone or computer.

What if I am not a woman who identifies as BIPOC?
This particular group is specifically curated for women who identify as BIPOC. If you are not a woman who identifies as BIPOC, please be on the lookout for our upcoming groups.

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